Friday, October 05, 2007

A Moment of Revelation

I got out of work early today. It was supposed to be a very eventful day at work as my colleagues planned a short picnic in a neighbourhood park for the afternoon. Several games and fund raising events were planned for this day, weeks in advance. Unfortunately, I chose to stay away from it. Thanks to my palette expander ( prior stage to braces), which I had them placed in my mouth, a couple of days ago. As a result of which I can hardly bite or chew food. The worst part was that I could not roll my tongue with ease. It crippled my speech and totally distorted my pronunciation of words. Inorder to avoid embarassing myself at the gathering, I chose to stay away from the crowd. I spent the whole afternoon alone at the office, complaining and fretting over my condition.

After a long day at work (my condition made it seem even longer), I had to make a trip to walmart to buy some stuff for cooking. As I entered walmart, I saw this guy (seemed to be in his early 40's) well dressed and walking aimlessly towards me at the entrance. He seemed to have less control over his body movements and not normal. Momentarily, another old guy leaped forward from behind, pulled his hand and led him towards another direction.

The old guy asked me and others nearby to excuse his son and then moved ahead. I was moved by this scene. I was all the more impressed by the confidence of this old guy. He was lean and weak. He bore a broad smile in his face and looked very confident. I felt sad that he had to take care of his son in his old age. His confidence trivialised my complaining during the day. It was indeed a moment of revelation.


Blogger Hip Grandma said...

wonderful experience.thanx for sharing.God bless the man

8:53 AM  
Blogger Raghu said...

Very very touching...

We are so fond of cribbing for some small and trivial setbacks in life... and then there are these beautiful courageous people who smile at everything!

10:39 PM  
Blogger kurrodu said...

hhgma; yes it is

raghu; I totally agree on that

7:18 AM  
Blogger AMIT said...

Good experience.Thanks for sharing.

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1:34 AM  

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